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We are absolute in love with technology. And we are passionate about learning. The combination of both is Learning Technology! Berni Bear is on the edge of Learning Technology. Authoring tools to create stunning interactive Elearning. Learning Management Systems  LMS < to host and publish online courses.  Cognitive Load Theory > CLT <, Micro LearningADDIE and the CCAF process are not just words but the rules that guide our work.

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We support you in planning, instructional design and production of your e-learning projects and online courses. From the first idea, through the learning-oriented structure, to the final production and publication. Our modern and effective course design focuses the attention of your participants on the learning process and allows a high retention rate of the learned content. This is achieved through interactions, storytelling and supporting multimedia elements. Everything created based on current cognitive science research and with a clear understanding of practical relevance and the costs.

Learning technology is an integral part of our work. This mainly includes authoring tools, ie the tools to create e-learning and multimedia interactions, and of course the platforms where your e-learning or online course will be published. We are specialised  in WordPress, one of the most flexible systems to create a stable platform for online courses. We build individual solutions that meet your requirements. This includes everything from selecting the hosting provider to design and creation of website and learning management system (LMS) and of course the shopping cart
We also support and help with platforms such as Teachable, Thinkific, Moodle or any other 3rd party LMS.

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